Jobs in Wellington City, New Zealand

If you are coming to New Zealand on a working holiday and need a casual backpacker’s job to fill your bank account again, you’ll find that Wellington is a city with many work opportunities.

We regularly have guests on working holidays who seek employment in Wellington and enjoy meeting like-minded travellers at the hotel. Our staff offer great local advice and the hotel has information boards to post vacancy updates on.

The Hotel Waterloo offers competitive weekly rates in shared dormitories as well as long-term stay discounts in private rooms on a designated floor. We have the budget accommodation to suit your needs. Please enquire to find out more about our long-term stay availability to info@hotelwaterloo.co.nz.

The kind of jobs you may expect to find here in New Zealand are: hospitality (cafes, bars, and hotels), tourism, call centres and customer service, construction, healthcare, office jobs, farm work and fruit picking.